Jefferson Means Business

The SBDP provides consulting and mentoring services to members of the public who want to start or expand a small business in Jefferson County. Interested individuals may receive support on such topics as:

  • Setting up & managing a successful small business
  • Business feasibility analysis
  • Existing business evaluation & feedback
  • Business planning & plan development
  • Potential funding sources & financial plan development
  • Business marketing needs & strategies 
  • Other varied topics related to business success

We have a broad range of expertise and experience in business, as well as nonprofit management and the pubic sector, and may be able to assist you with still other services for your business success.


The SBDP is a part-time, active program of the County. We schedule one-on-one appointments with "clients" in person, by phone and online. Contact information appears at the “Contact” tab above.

We understand that some who are starting a business work regular hours in a job, or are already running a business, and have difficulty getting away to meet on their plans for a new business. Where this is the case, we will do our best to meet clients after normal business hours or on weekends.

If you already have a business and need for us to come to you we can sometimes do that as well.


Meetings with clients take place at the County Annex or other offices of Jefferson County. In some instances we may provide a site visit at the facilities (or planned location) of a client. We're also available to meet by phone where that better meets the needs of clients.

In addition, we're available to meet with clients online.Where a virtual meeting is desired, we set up the meeting and send a Website link whereby the client can connect through the Internet. The client will be able to see documents and other information (Websites, images, etc.) from our computer ... and clients will have the option of showing documents through theirs. There will be no charge to use this service but clients will need a computer that has a built in microphone or an external (plug in) mic — otherwise they can call a non-toll free number for the audio part of the meeting.

We're committed to respecting the privacy of client information. In addition, exemptions contained in Florida law provide protections for confidentiality of client records (S. 119.0701, Florida Statutes and  S. 288.075, F.S. (for economic development purposes)).

What To Expect … & Not Expect


  • Can’t guarantee funding for your business
  • Can’t run your business for you
  • Is not responsible for the results of your business
  • Is not available for businesses not located here

Sorry, the above list is not our role. But what we CAN do is:

  • Provide a range of valuable business services to you at no charge
  • ​Tailor our services to meet your specific needs
  • Support you in transforming your business goals into reality
  • Provide a range of top quality professional services in a caring, respectful way

We look forward to the opportunity to support you!

Services available through the Jefferson County Small Business Development Program are described below and available at no charge.

We're Here To Serve ...