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Small Business Program in Transition 

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CPI Consulting has managed the Jefferson County Small Business Development Program (SBDP) since October 2013. For reasons within the company we have notified the County that we will no longer be able to serve in this capacity.

 It has been a pleasure working for and with the County Commission in this and other contracted roles for which CPI has been chosen, and we welcome continuing the positive relationship we have had with the County. 
It also has been a pleasure serving and working with residents of the community in meeting their small business needs and carrying out other varied business development roles for the community. 

Our goal is to complete our work on May 24 and we will be available to the County for a time beyond that date if needed to make sure that all responsibilities are met.
Those in need of business support can still schedule appointments by emailing or calling 363-3753. Appointments will resume on April 21 for existing and new clients, or sooner for current clients with urgent or time-pressing needs.

Clients whose services from the County have been completed may wish to request return of their records if still on-file with the County. See the SBDP Website for more on that or email for the process of retrieving confidential records.

Stay tuned to this Web page for other transition news and planned next steps for the Program.

For now, we wish the very best to existing businesses and those seeking to start a business in Jefferson County.

Marcia Elder
President, CPI Consulting & SBDP Director


Collecting Client Records

​Program clients may retrieve their records from the County offices upon written request. Because of the confidentiality of such records identification may be required. Pick-ups may be scheduled beginning April 21. This could be a good time for a final appointment with additional services in support of your business if desired.

If you are a current or past client of the Program with records on-file, please email us for more specific options and procedures for collecting your business records. Simply use the Contact tab above and put the word RECORDS in the Subject line.

For past clients we’d also welcome hearing about how your business is going – success stories, number of jobs you’ve created, plans for the future, etc.

For now, thank you for the chance to be of service … and all good wishes for your business.

Related updates appear in our latest SBDP newsletter (page 7).



July 8, 2016

CPI has continued beyond its target end date in order to complete services in progress to Program clients and carry out additional functions in support of the SBDP and County. The Director has also had to take some unexpected personal time off. A written Progress Report was provided to the County on May 31 followed by an appearance at the June 7 County Commission meeting. Final work is underway and further information will be posted on this page of our Website.


August  8, 2016

A range of transition functions have continued since our last report. CPI presented a detailed written report to the BOCC on options for future small business services and the BOCC is considering those options. Click here for a copy. The Commission discussed the Program as part of its July 28 and August 2 and 4 Budget Workshops.

CPI has submitted a draft policy for Confidentiality & Retention of Program records for those records remaining in the County files. The draft reflects requirements of the State of Florida for local governments and includes a set of procedures for proper handling of client information.

CPI anticipates completing its SBDP work by August 12 or 15 (unless needed for the August 16 Commission meeting) and has advised the County we will be happy to answer questions or address special needs as may arise after our official wrap-up.

We will be available for record pick-ups on August 10 and 12 and it will be best for clients to call first to 363-3753.

​Stay tuned to this page for final updates.



August 24, 2016

The Jefferson County Small Business Development Program (SBDP) has been in transition over recent months. The management company for the Program, CPI Consulting, completed its work on August 24 and the County now has several options for the future of small business services.

The County Commission has discussed various options and recommendations from the management consultant. One of those options is to involve the FAMU Small Business Development Center in expanding its services within the county. 

FAMU is agreeable to providing a business development professional one day a week to work in Jefferson County meeting with and assisting local businesses and entrepreneurs. They can also assist with the County’s tradition of hosting business development workshops. Their Center is part of a statewide network of such centers funded by the State of Florida and the federal Small Business Administration.

Final decisions about the SBDP and related County services and roles will be made as part of upcoming Commission actions on the County Budget for the year ahead. 

CPI extended its planned term of services to assist the County with the transition and other Program needs.

Small businesses are a vital part of the local economy and community.

The public can find out more about small business program plans and services through this Website,, and 

Note: The opportunity to obtain past client records was well publicized. Those for completed services have been archived in a secure location and will be disposed of in accordance with time-lines and procedures established by the State of Florida. Those flagged by the consultant for future support have been secured as well. The County is following strict procedures to ensure the privacy of confidential client records.