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Risk Taking Is a Part of Business

"Leap and the net will appear".         Zen Saying

Marcia Elder and her firm CPI Consulting are contracted by the County to head the Small Business Development Program. Information about CPI and the Program director is here.

CPI Consulting is a full service consulting firm, in business in Florida for over 25 years. The multi-disciplinary company is located in Jefferson County and was previously in Tallahassee. It was founded as Creative Pursuits, Inc.

The firm originated as a professional and personal development services company and has a long history of providing training and coaching services on a range of topics. Most of its programs of this nature are now provided online and CPI has been a leader in Web-based events and other online technologies and services since 2005. Such services include Internet marketing, facilitated online meetings, Website reviews and development,  and others.

The firm is an expert in strategic communications and has strong experience in multiple disciplines such as economic and business development, community planning, transportation and alternative energy.

The firm’s experience providing technical assistance and other professional services to public sector agencies is extensive, as well as services to other clients and audiences throughout Florida and at the national level.

Additional information about the firm is available through these CPI Websites: & 

Marcia Elder is President of CPI Consulting and its Principal Consultant. She is an experienced professional in the multiple fields and specialties of CPI and has a strong reputation for top quality work and successful results.

As a long-time business owner, Marcia understands Risk. That's her at the top left in the above photo! Part of a personal development event in Hawaii.

Marcia is a well-known provider of technical assistance to Florida local governments on community planning, environmental, energy and economic development concerns.
She holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering and graduated with honors for her Bachelors degree in Sociology and Biology.

Before starting her own firm Marcia worked in technical, program and policy roles for two State of Florida agencies (Department of Transportation and Department of Environmental Regulation) and the Governor’s Office. She has been appointed to a variety of State level committees by the Governor, Legislature, Cabinet and state agency heads.

Marcia has been a Jefferson County resident for nearly 19 years. She was born in Ft. Lauderdale and also lived in Jacksonville, Gainesville and Tallahassee. She lives on a farm in the County.

She is an enthusiastic supporter of the Small Business Development Program and CPI also served as the Consultant for development of the County’s Vision ACTION Initiative which has a theme of Economy & Business.